Can I customize pages or the planners at all? 

We do not offer customization at this time.  


How many times can I download a digital planner?

3 times.  You can download it to 3 devices, an iPad for example, and your computer/phone.  If you need more than 3 downloads, please reach out to me via email.  This is to protect us from piracy.


It's undated, but are the tabs labeled? 

Yes, it's undated.  However, the tabs have the months on them in order from January-December.  The monthly calendar spread also has the month printed on the top.  


Can I switch my design after I order?

Yes and no.  Please email me as soon as possible to change a design, I will let you know usually in 24 hours if I can or cannot swap it.  This boils down to stock and if it was already printed and sorted.  Usually, I can do this for you.


Will you offer your planner in a printable?

Yes! This year we will offer it as a full printable option.


I want to collab, or become an affiliate - do you offer that?

Yes.  We have a handful of ladies that we give discount codes for their platforms.  Please click "Affiliate" at the bottom of our home page to submit an inquiry to become an affiliate.  


What do I need to use the digital planner?

This planner was designed to be used in a planner app.  I suggest downloading it into a planner app like Good Notes for apple AND now android users.  It is a not a free app.  A subscription is needed in the app itself.


Can I make a suggestion?

Yes, please! We love to hear what you all want to see next.  Please email or DM us directly your feedback!