Personal Budget Setup / Budgeting Advice


Schedule a 1-hour video call with me to kickstart your budgeting journey and receive personalized guidance. Whether you're new to budgeting or looking to fine-tune your approach, this session covers everything from setting up your budget to establishing sinking funds and utilizing cash envelopes.

If you're just starting out with budgeting or feeling unsure about incorporating it into your life, this session is perfect for you. Even if you're already familiar with budgeting, use this opportunity for a check-in or to gain fresh motivation.

Upon purchase, you'll receive the first packet, which includes detailed questions about your bills and financial details. After completing the packet, simply email it back to me. My team will then verify receipt of all documents and schedule your video call.

Rest assured, all calls and information shared are completely confidential.

Please note that this offering is entirely digital, and no physical product will be shipped to you.