A5/A6 Binders

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Need a binder for your Mini Budget Planner™?  Select the A5 Binder.  It holds up to 9 months comfortably at a time.  

Need a binder for your Cash Envelopes? Select the A6 binder.

Note: This listing is just for binders only, no inserts or envelopes are included in this listing.

The A5 binder comes with gold rings (fits our Mini Budget Planner™)

  • A5 Size 9.25" H x 7.25" W
  • A5 Rings are slightly under 1.5” in diameter - see pictures. 
  • Vegan leather - SOFT.
  • Imported.

The A6 binder comes with silver rings and vertical pockets.  The A6 comes as the perfect size for cash envelopes, it's the size of dollar bills laid out fully flat aka personal size.  

  • A6 Size 7.5" H x 5.25" W, 2.25cm ring size (silver rings)   
  • Vegan leather - SOFT.
  • Imported.

Use the A6 binder with these A6 Sleeves for perfect and simple cash stuffing