How to Get Started

YAY! You're ready to change your life, I am so proud for you!  If you were here, I would hug and high five you!!  Next, I would invite you to sit at my table with coffee and ask you these questions... But, if you just want to see the shopping collection for beginners, click here.


Which Planner Do I Need?

(All links open new windows, so you don't get lost)

Are you a digital or a pen to paper gal?

Do you like to customize your planners with discs, or are you tempted to get new planners every time you see new planners in the store?

  1. We have our book bound spiral planners that are HERE.  This is perfect if you are a pen to paper gal and like to write and see things progressing.  
  2. If you are someone who is always on the go and prefers something a bit smaller, we have The Mini Budget Planner ™ that has EVERYTHING you need to get started.  A complete list is in the description, but it is the perfect starting point.  Be sure to grab our A5 Binder to fit it, or any A5 binder from Amazon  if we are sold out.  This planner is a smaller size of our planner but only by 2 inches or so, it's the perfect under arm planner - this is not a tiny pocket size.
  3. If you are a iPad/Tablet girl or love GoodNotes (app for digital planning), use our Digital Planner - it's completely interactive and clickable for you to jump around.  This is also really cool to use along your physical planner for things that you make a lot of changes to.  The Digital Planner has almost everything on our website and in the planner, it is the MEGA planner for budgeting.  We update it regularly - so if you aren't vibing with it today, check it out in 6 months.  This version cannot be printed, it's formatted for tablets/phones.
  4. If you like to customize your planners, don't like certain parts of the planner, or simply love some of the planner you already have and want to use parts of ours - the printable version is for you!  You can print what you'd like and customize as you go.  It's re-designed every Fall (October/November).  

What Else Do I Need?

To start, I would get one of the planners above to get started. 

Cash Envelopes?

If you are interested or have been eyeing cash envelopes -

  1. Try our A7, it's the perfect purse size envelopes binder, it also comes with clear envelopes that you can start with. 
  2. If you are looking for a complete cash envelope system, try our A6 binder that holds our cash envelopes A6 size - we recommend these to start - try these envelope label stickers on Amazon for the most affordable customizable option.

Budget Assistance?

This Video is a long, how to get started budgeting with our planner video.  This is a coffee on a Saturday morning kind of thing.  Get your bank statements printed, highlighters, your new planner - and let's go.

If you get your planner and still need more help than on our TikTok, Instagrams and YouTube - we have 1-1 Budgeting Advice for 1 full hour of custom hands on advice from Jessica.  Check that out here.

What if I am still lost?

Reach out on Social Media channels!  I try my best to answer questions in comments and DM's (not all), but try me there for questions that aren't super broad.  All links are on the top and bottom of this website <3