Vision Board

"Vision boards, sometimes referred to as dream boards, rose in popularity in the 2000s, thanks to the enormous success of Rhonda Byrne’s self-help book “The Secret.” Byrne introduced the Law of Attraction to the masses — the belief that health, wealth and happiness can come from positive thinking and envisioning yourself already there. Vision boards are a tool in the journey of manifesting those goals — add photos, clippings and inspirational words representing the things you want or want to achieve, and the universe will deliver. If you paste it, it will come." (1)

Our vision pages were meant to be your reminder whenever you need it.  To remind you why you started, why you are dreaming, and what you are working towards this year!  Your vision can always change, that's why I made lots of don't have to fill it all out on day 1, take your time.  Take your time and think about what you want to spend your next 12 months on, they're going to pass anyway.  Have fun, this is your reminder to look back on when you're feeling discouraged, make it exciting to look at! 

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Annual Goals

Your annual goals page is meant to plan your year in smaller sections.  I like to use this page to plan upcoming birthdays, events, large purchases, major trips... anything that you need to budget for or plan around.  I use this page when I am ending and starting a new month, just to be sure I am checking in with myself and my plans.  

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail." -B. Franklin

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Weekly Spread

The weekly spread is clean and organized.  It was created to give you freedom, every day is intentionally a blank box.  There is a habit tracker, gratitude on every week... this makes me happy to look at and remember the good things I have to be grateful for.  The grocery list was added to never forget those random thoughts that pop into your head, "I NEED EGGS!" *giggle*

I am guilty of not loving myself enough during stressful weeks/ this was added intentionally.  Don't forget to love yourself ladies.  Remember, self love doesn't have to cost you a dime.  Here are some ideas for free self love activities.

The blank weekly list on the bottom right is flexible, I use it for tracking my workouts, and sometimes I use it as a mood tracker.  

weekly layout, planner weekly layout, planner weekly spread

Paycheck and Expense Trackers 

Each month has 5 paycheck trackers at the end of every month.  There are also 6 expense trackers that are meant to help you track your spending.  Use these as a ledger, it should match your bank statement, this will help you visualize your spending and keep an eye on where your money is going.  The paycheck tracker has a "budgeted" amount and an "actual" amount, use this to plan the check (budgeted)... and when you pay the bill and it leaves your bank account, put the (actual) amount in the box.  The needs and wants section was meant to help you see how your emotions are tied to your spending, as well as to help you prioritize what is truly a need, and what is just a phase.  

paycheck tracker, paycheck budgeting, paycheck budgeter, weekly budgeting

Faith Section

When I was first making this planner, I knew that I wanted there to be a HUGE devotion to my faith.  I am a Jesus believer, follower, and lover, above all else.  The reason this business has even manifested itself is because of the very gifts I was given by my creator.  When I told people I was going to put scripture in my planner and devote an entire tab to "Faith," I was told not to do it and that it was risky and people wouldn't want to buy a planner that referenced scripture.  It may be...but without my faith--I am nothing and no one, the Bible says work as if you're working for the Lord, not man.  This isn't a faith planner, or a bible study, it's a daily planner that is focused on finances and budgeting... it references scripture and spirituality because that is part of planning my week/day, and it wouldn't be me if I left it out. 

This business was actually validated in a dream to me, but that's a whole other story. 

The story of the entire faith section is pretty awesome.  I woke up one day and told my husband (before I even brushed my hair or teeth), "I know what I'm going to do to add God in the planner!" he said, "Do it!"--the next 4 hours we sat at our breakfast table and rattled off a list of common struggles and prayed over them.  I sat and combed the Bible for verses that I love, and verses that I believe were placed in my heart for you.  Towards the back of the faith tab, there are "Favorite Scriptures" pages for you to add your own scriptures that are placed on your heart.  This is my favorite part of the planner, because it reminds me to meditate on the Word and to connect with the Lord each and every day.  I hope it does the same for you.

A man’s heart plans his way, But the Lord directs his steps. -Proverbs 16:9 (NKJV)  

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men… You are serving the Lord Christ.” -Colossians 3:23-24 (ESV)


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Monthly Sections

Our Monthly tabs are this diamond grid style with plastic clear coated tabs to keep you tabs clean and free from bending and discoloring from being tossed around everyday.  Our monthly section includes a monthly intentions page at the start of every month.  Here you can set small monthly goals that are in line with your overall vision for the year and annual goals.  You can also set wellness and health goals, I love testing myself to see what makes me feel healthier and happier.  Maybe it's drinking a glass of water when you wake up? Not getting out of bed without a little prayer? All are a part of wellness!  What stands in my way? For me, it's oversleeping and not getting a full 8-9 hours of rest, sometimes it's also eating bad before makes me lazy to get up.  Motivators are what keeps you going.  My motivators are usually something like mental health, or energy to play with my son.  This is different every month, but it's a way to stare your motivation and fears in the eye and tackle it!  Prayer requests are usually blank when I start the month and I add some as I have friends asking for prayers.  I also have some prayers that drag on month over month.

Reminder, our faith section has a large prayer requests section that you can add many many requests in.

Don't forget to love yourself.  Be kind to yourself every single day.  Love yourself and talk as kind to yourself as you do to your loved ones... this is on every page as a reminder.  And if no one has told you lately, YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! 

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Holiday Spending Trackers - Christmas

This tracker is perfect to plan your Christmas budget.  When it's time for Christmas saving, you will come to this tracker.  Watch our IGTV (below) to see how I use this tracker!




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