I put the wrong address and my package is being returned? What now?

First - reach out to us and confirm if anything was wrong on your mailing address.  If not, we will intervene and figure out what is happening.  When we purchase your label, the carriers will not allow us to just change the address without repurchasing a new label, so if the address was wrong then it is coming all the way back to Texas and will not be reshipped until we receive it.  Therefore, please confirm your mailing address is correct, otherwise you will have to pay for shipping twice.  In the event you change your mind and want to cancel the order entirely - the initial shipping fee will be deducted from you refund as we paid for the shipping of the original package.


I received an email that my label had been created, but the tracking isn’t updated?

Good and bad news, so unfortunately Tracking systems are notoriously unreliable. Out of the thousands of packages we send, usually when this happens, your order IS in fact on its way... but tracking is, for some reason, just not updating. This usually happens when a carrier forgets to scan a package. If your order does not arrive by the estimated delivery date, please send us a note at customerservice@papersbyjessicaann.com and we will help you out!


Package says delivered, but it's not here (aka Lost or stolen)

If your package was marked as delivered but you have not yet received it, please take the following steps:  Please wait 3 business days from "delivered" before messaging us.  We will do everything we can to fix this for you after this wait time.  The mail carriers have their own policies that prevent us from contacting them early.  Typically, the package shows up and then we have open claims and packages being sent and having to intercept the replacements if we move too quick.  

  1. Please check with neighbors to see if the package was left there. Reach out to your local post office or UPS / USPS facility if a full day has passed from "Delivered" to see if it was truly delivered or taken back to their warehouse.  
  2. Confirm the shipping address on the order (Order confirmation and Delivery email has your address towards bottom).
  3. After all of the above, kindly email us at customerservice@papersbyjessicaann.com (Pictures required for damage - see below for requirements).  

We now handle claims with carrier directly for you!  Need to file a damage claim? Send us photos in the CONTACT US portion of our website of the complete packaging (all 4 sides, the inside of the box, and the damages). 

Lost or stolen? Please reach out after the first steps have been taken and 3 business days have passed and we will begin opening the claim for you.  We will handle the rest and mail you the replacement.  Without these pictures, we cannot file a claim.  Do not throw the box before we exchange pictures.


Shipping Times 

Orders typically ship in 3-5 business days; however we ask for a 7-business day max during peak planner seasons (November-February). Once shipped, your planner should arrive at your door within 2 to 5 business days if ordered in the U.S.

You will receive a shipping confirmation email after your order ships. The processing and shipping times are our best estimate of when your order will ship & can vary based on the season and demand. If you have a question about your order, email us at customerservice@papersbyjessicaann.com anytime.

Delays are not cause for order cancelation.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: The shipping time can be up to 40 business days depending on the country.  We stop delivering to certain countries from time to time depending on our experience with the carrier.


Delivery of Digital Products

All digital products have an access/download expiration date of 90 days.  You may save it to your computer before that time frame.  This prevents us from having to store files on our website forever (we update download frequently).  Also, any planner downloads are tied to a license key and are protected by copyright.  Each planner has a download limit of 2.  Meaning, if you download it to your phone and your iPad - you cannot download it on a 3rd iPad.  If there is any suspicious downloading or sharing of the files, your license will be terminated and no version will be useable.  Please be kind to the creator, and do not share digital planners.